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Guess Who Made the 2015 Yelp Elite Squad: GTA?!

Yelp Elite Badge 2015Yup It’s True

I just got accepted as an official member of the Yelp Elite Squad: Greater Toronto!!!

How cool is that! I know right?

Try to keep up with me as I tell the GTA’s unique story with my reviews, and embody the spirit of Yelp with enthusiasm, positivity, constructive honesty and useful funny cool-ness.

Yelp SwagAs an Elite, I’ll be your ambassador both on and offline. Check out my blog and social media for the latest pics of exclusive parties and events from yummy restaurants, bars, shows, galleries and boutiques all over the GTA.

Stay classy Toronto 😉

SYOY (See You On Yelp),
Jennifer ShadoffJennybeaned

P.S.: Check out my Yelp profile at for really cool reviews, photos, and tips!