Jackii and Andrew Need Your Help!!!

Jackii and Andrew of AndJustLaugh

This past Saturday, my sister Jackii and her boyfriend Andrew, were involved in a motor vehicle collision. Luckily all drivers and passengers were able to walk away from this incident alive.

However, Jackii has been left with a whiplash injury, a concussion, and major bruising. Andrew’s brand new vehicle was totaled in the collision, and although it was determined that his vehicle was not at fault, his insurance premiums will skyrocket as a result of the incident. This will also leave him without any permanent means of transportation, and could potentially affect his job with no way to commute to work.

Jackii and Andrew have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to cover the costs of medical treatment for Jackii’s injuries that are not covered under insurance or provincial healthcare, and to offset the cost of car insurance deductibles and increased premiums.

All sharing of this story and any donations to the campaign are greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below to visit the GoFundMe campaign.