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Why Healthy Eating is Good For You

You hear about it all the time and definitely know that you should... "Healthy eating is so important, healthy eating is amazing..." But sometimes you just want a nice burger or some fried chicken. Amirite?! Don't lie... Seriously though, we all want burgers. Honestly speaking, I went from eating straight up junk food every day to eating healthy in little to no time. It's so important for you to treat your body right and here's why you need to cut some of that grease out of your life!

THEFACESHOP Holiday Look + Review

I love the holiday season and sometimes getting ready is just as much fun as going to parties! I had the lovely opportunity to review some THEFACESHOP goodies for you all to try out for your holiday parties! Have you beauties tried THEFACESHOP? Do you have any favourites? I know I do now!! THEFACESHOP makeup beauty review
Tyra Beauty

Tyra Beauty Haul + Neutral Look ft. Makeup Eraser

I received some fab products courtesy of Patricia (@CEOTricia on all social media platforms). Today I'm featuring 4 products from the Tyra Beauty line as well as the amazing Makeup Eraser! If you haven't heard of the Tyra Beauty line, Tyra Banks has a new venture: beauty products! Her makeup line will help you look your most confident as well as perfect your smize. With cute names like Eyes in a Stick to Oops Liner (which features a corrector for your liquid liner!), these products will keep you happy while you're getting ready.
WayGood Tea Lavender

WayGood Tea Review

WayGood Tea is a Seattle-based company that specializes in different teas. All of our their teas boost your metabolism and burn fat to help you stay in shape. Sourced from around the world, founder Gar Lee developed a line of cleansing teas to improve daily life! WayGood Tea has ingredients that will help you with different areas that we all need a little help in: WayGood Tea cleanse
Mabrook co deodorant

5 Men’s Grooming Products That Work Wonders for Women

Ladies, we’ve all at one point or another ran out of our regular beauty arsenal and had to resort in using our man’s grooming product. Sure, some might smell way too musky for our liking, but there are others that will work wonders for your skin. As the founder of a new subscription box, ESTHORIA BOX, we specially curate the best of the best in all natural beauty or grooming products. We also find those special items that both men and women can use. We’ve found the products that you’ll want to start sharing with your man...
CHIA seed Smoothie Bowl

PRANA ProactivCHIA: Overview + Recipe

Looking for new ways to mix up your breakfast with superfoods?! Chia is part of the mint family and a seed considered to be a superfood. Founded by the Aztecs, "chia" is a Mayan word for "strength". Chia seeds have grown in popularity over the years due to the many health and nutritional benefits it provides. From omega-3's, protein, calcium and gut balancing fibre, Prana ProactivCHIA is a versatile way of enhancing health and maintaining healthy gut flora. Added to smoothies, cereals, yogurts, salads, dressings or juices, the possibilities are endless!
Chic Street

Golden Rules of Being Chic in the City

Being chic is probably one of the greatest dreams of today’s modern woman, and the reason for that is simple: no one can resist a lady with such an effortless elegance, attitude and a sense of style. French ladies have always been a synonym for a timeless chic look, which comes from their nonchalant attitude, commitment to their natural beauty and eternally stylish outfits. Golden Rules Collage 01 But, we’re all wondering how to be chic in the city, especially if you’re a super busy business lady? Well, here are the golden rules you absolutely must adopt:

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