Canadian Christmas 2016 Sephora Favorites Glow For It Set

Sephora Favorites Glow For It Kit

Every year around the holiday season, Sephora creates different Sephora Favorites boxes featuring popular items containing best sellers so you can sample some of the most-loved products and current obsessions. In the Holiday 2016 Sephora Favorites sets, there were many that featured different products and I managed to grab a few of them. The Sephora Favorites Glow For It set features 6 different products for some bright ideas for highlighting. 2016 Holiday Sephora Favorites Glow For It Kit Canada
HASK Haircare Argan Oil collection hair mask shampoo conditioner

HASK Argan Oil Review 

HASK Haircare has a collection of hair care products featuring various exotic oils from around the world. The Exotic Oil collection includes ingredients such as argan oil, macadamia oil, monoi coconut oil, almond oil as well as keratin protein. These different formulas help to treat and repair all hair types. Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, alcohol as well as gluten... there's a HASK product for you! HASK Haircare Argan Oil Collection for dry hair natural gluten free shampoo conditioner
Zoella Beauty Products review and giveaway

Zoella Beauty Giveaway!!

If you're familiar with the world of YouTube and beauty vloggers, you're familiar with Zoe Sugg... better known as Zoella! She's arguably one of the most popular beauty vloggers out there with her own beauty line as well as published author. In Canada, Zoella Beauty is available at select stores including London Drugs, IDA, Pharmasave, Guardian, Lawtons Drugs, Brunet, Familiprix and Uniprix. I was lucky enough to review a few products from her beauty line, Zoella Beauty, as well as let you guys in on a giveaway!! (P.S. How gorg is this view?! More on that in an upcoming blog post!) Zoella Beauty Giveaway Sticker Bag Dream Cream
Rustic Wedding Cake 2017 style

2017 Wedding Cake Trends

When planning for a wedding, choosing a cake is the most fun part of the process. You can taste different varieties while also showing your creativity in designing a cake that shows off your personalities. One of the prettiest ceremony centerpieces, it also helps to tie your theme together. Wedding Cupcake centerpiece fall rustic glam
Sad Depressed Sleepy Pug

How to Prevent feeling SAD post election

Post election, I know many people are feeling a bit down... but the SAD I'm talking about is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Most of the articles I see on SAD are well into the winter season but it's easier to prevent SAD before it happens. Some symptoms of SAD include the following: increased carbohydrate cravings, weight gain, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed and in some extreme cases, feeling depressed. Sad Depressed Dog Pug
DavidsTea Back From the Dead Coffin

DAVIDsTEA Back From The Dead Review

Every year around Halloween, DAVIDsTEA brings back seasonal teas that were well loved but discontinued "back from the dead". The Back from the Dead coffin set contains 3 teas including Maple Sugar, Stormy Night and Swamp Water. Only 2 of these teas are available separately so to get the third flavour, you have to get the coffin set. Act now since this is a limited edition set and once they're gone, these flavours might not be back next year! maple sugar davidstea review, organic stormy night davidstea review, swampwater davidstea review
Pretty Sage Wedding Flowers Bouquet Bundle Autumn

Wedding Wednesday: Fall Flowers

Fall is here and as the leaves begin to change, so do the flowers that are in season. Soon enough, everywhere you look there will new brides planning the happiest day of their lives and a part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers to fit both the bride and groom’s vision. Flowers set the feel of the wedding and whether they are bright and bold or soft and subtle, the floral arrangements, bouquets and boutineers are an important part of any wedding. Luckily, brides in Ontario don't have to look too far when trying to pick the right flowers. Fall wedding bouquet
Prettyful Lash & Makeup review Lashlift Toronto Bridal eyelash extensions

Prettyful Hair & Makeup Lash Lift Review

Ever heard of a lash lift? The average person has probably not heard about a lash lift but has heard of its more glamorous cousin: the lash extension. Lash lifts are nice because they don't require as much maintenance as eyelash extensions and are a wonderful alternative if you're looking for something to quicken up your morning routine! Marianne from Prettyful Hair & Makeup was kind enough to contact me and try out a lashlift service. (Regular rates here) Having never gotten one before and only hearing about it once, I went to do a bit of research on what it is and what the results looked like. I was glad that it looked natural and was able to last around 6-8 weeks if taken care of. For my current low maintenance lifestyle, it was perfect for me. Marianne Lontoc Prettyful Hair and Makeup eyelash extension Toronto eyelash perm eyelash lift
Hand Glasses Face Mask Pursed Lips

How to Maximize Results from Face Masks

Walking into any beauty store nowadays, there are tons of face masks to choose from: clay, sheet, gel... the list goes on! With so many face masks on the market, picking the right one can definitely be overwhelming. And even if we do purchase one, how do we know if we're using it to its full potential? How often should I use it? Is it even worth the effort? I got some tips from dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou on how to maximize results from face masks! Cucumber Facial Mask Beauty Spa  
LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo review vegetarian vegan Canadian beauty blog

LUSH Cosmetics No Drought Dry Shampoo Review

Every once in a while, we all get a little bit busy and have to get ready on a tight schedule. For days like those, dry shampoo is a lifesaver! LUSH Cosmetics is a great cruelty-free cosmetic reatailer that was founded in the United Kingdom. They feature a variety of natural hair and beauty products from creams, shampoos, masks, shower gels, bath bombs... the list goes on! LUSH products are 100% vegetarian with a few products being vegan as well. I've tried some LUSH products in the past (check out my review of one of their face masks!) and thought to pick up their non-aerosol dry shampoo, No Drought!